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Happy Birthday Kim Jae Joong!!

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i wish you all the happiness, smiles, laughters,  endless blessings, joy and all the greatest things will filled your days forward.

i wish you all the success for JYJ upcoming concerts in Latin America, for your upcoming album, drama and i hope you will have another project as stage/performance director =)

thanks for being so brave, thanks for standing up and be there for your brothers, thanks for loving us, fans, so much

and most of all, thanks for being you.

Kim Jae Joong, Saranghae!! JYJ Dae to the Bak!! Fighting!!!

Ps : and according to,  it seems, Jae’s bday have became a worlwide trending (#Happy27thJaeJoong), Japan trending (#JaejoongDay) and no 1 in twipple (“Jejung”). fans are Dae to the Back!!!   =)

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January 26, 2012 at 2:57 am

Happy Birthday Kim Junsu!!!

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Happy Birthday Kim Junsu!!!

I wish you all the best in life,

All the most beautiful, happiest and joyest things and moments for you

Please keep strong and take care of your health

I wish you great success in your life, as a member of JYJ, as Captain of FC Men, as Musical Actor.

And i wish you great success for your Elizabeth Musical. Cant wait to see you as Death!!!

Image      Image

Image         Image

PS : guys, lets trend #Xiahday on twitter today =)


Pics Credit :,, xports news,

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December 15, 2011 at 4:50 am

I’m Crazy over JYJ In Heaven and Get Out MV!!!

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i really really really love how beautiful their voices blended n harmonize together. Its breathtaking…Moreover that this song was made by Jae for Park Yong Ha  just added more feeling for the song. Winter Sonata made me fallen for all about South Korea and made me fallen for Kpop. I love Park Yong Ha, and i cried too when he passed away in such a way. and i have felt regret n self-blame too when one of my childfriend passed away. so i understand what Jae’s feeling through all of this…

but, beside all of that, Junsu just so HOT in here and JiHyo looks so gorgeus!! and of course i love the fact that it was Jae n Chun who think that since they are already filming dramas, then its Junsu’s time to be on TV =)



and i love Get Out too!!! feels like it’s been too long i see their dance in a music video… and Get Out just so cool!!! i love Junsu smirk at the end of the video. And, jae, please eat more. Usually it was you who wore sleveless shirt, but now, you are too skinny… even Junsu and Chun have some muscle now (*bite Su n Chun’s biceps). And seeing they dance, i really can see how Junsu is really a smooth dancer, his dance seems like just… part of him, just so natural just like walking or moving. And Chun, even just walking he looks so suave.. And Jae, he is just gorgeus, what else can i say =)
and i love the meaning of the song, ‘u cheat on me? well, then just Goodbye. i dont need u, and i dont need a d*mn explain!’
enjoy the MV with the subs =)




credit :
In Heaven – lovena33 in youtube
Get Out – singSONGirl in youtube

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September 23, 2011 at 4:23 am

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JYJ ‘In Heaven” Teaser

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Cant wait to see the full version on September, 15th!!!





credit : Cjes (vimeo) and (youtube)

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September 5, 2011 at 5:05 pm

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“JYJ” appointed as UNAIDS Regional Goodwill Ambassador

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Asian pop band “JYJ” appointed as UNAIDS Regional Goodwill Ambassador

Posted on August 26, 2011 by jyj3

“JYJ,” a three-member Korean pop (K-pop) band from the Republic of Korea, have been named UNAIDS Regional Goodwill Ambassadors for Asia and the Pacific. Formed in 2010, JYJ has a large following among young people in the Republic of Korea, across Asia and beyond.


UNAIDS/ICAAP10 in Busan, Korea 2011,
(Left to Right) Michel Sidibe, Excutive Director, UNAIDS, JYJ, with Myung-hwan Cho, Chair, ICAAP10,
Openning Press Conference, August 26, 2011

“Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu (JYJ) are going to make a big difference in the AIDS response through the UNAIDS Ambassadorship,” said UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibé. “With their incredible popularity and influence in the Republic of Korea and beyond, I count on them to reach millions of young people in this region and worldwide with important HIV messages,” he added.

As UNAIDS Regional Goodwill Ambassadors, JYJ will take part in a number of events and public appearances—including a performance at the Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP10), a gathering of AIDS experts and activists from 26-30 August 2011 in Busan, South Korea. Through these and other events, JYJ will raise awareness around HIV and join the effort to end AIDS-related stigma and discrimination. They will also highlight AIDS issues through their social media networks.

“Young people in our country, and across Asia, need to know more about avoiding HIV infection,” said JYJ band member Jae joong at a press conference in Busan to announce the UNAIDS appointment. “Knowledge and awareness can help people protect themselves and break down stigma and discrimination.” His band-mate Yoochun concurred, adding: “AIDS has been here since before I was born. Our generation can be the one that ends it!”

“We can reach the goals of zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths,” said Jun su, the third JYJ band member. “We are very proud to participate in this cause.”

JYJ have previously been involved in a number of charitable activities. They have made major donations to relief operations in disaster-struck areas of Japan, as well as to child health campaigns. Underlining their commitment to the AIDS response, JYJ recently accepted the role of ‘Official Ambassador’ for ICAAP10.

Globally, an estimated 41% of people who have recently become HIV-positive are younger than the age of 25. In Asia and the Pacific, young people from key affected populations— including young sex workers, men who have sex with men, and adolescent drug users— face a particularly high risk of HIV infection as well as high levels of stigma and discrimination.


UNAIDS/ICAAP10 in Busan, Korea 2011,
(Left to Right) Michel Sidibe, Excutive Director, UNAIDS, JYJ, with Myung-hwan Cho, Chair, ICAAP10,
Openning Press Conference, August 26, 2011

Shared by: JYJ3

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August 26, 2011 at 12:25 pm

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JYJ appointed as UNAIDS goodwill ambassador

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JYJ appointed as UNAIDS goodwill ambassador

Posted on August 24, 2011 by jyj3

JYJ (Kim Jae-joong, Park Yoo-chun, and Kim Jun-su), a Korean pop band, has been named as ‘UNAIDS regional goodwill ambassador’, one of the UN agencies.

Today (25th August), UNAIDS (the United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS) is going to announce JYJ’s acceptance of UNAIDS regional goodwill ambassadorship for the Asia and pacific region.

JYJ is appointed as the 13rd UNAIDS’ goodwill ambassador. Before JYJ, Michael Ballack (international football player fromGermany), Emmanuel Adebayor (international football player from Togo), Naomi Watts (renowned actress who has starred in films including King Kong), Annie Lennox (the world renowned Scottish singer songwriter and women’s activist) and others have committed as UNAIDS international goodwill ambassador. Amr Waked (an Egyptian actor) is also an UNAIDS Regional Goodwill Ambassador for the Middle East and North Africa.

It’s known that JYJ’s the high recognition and popularity across the Asia and pacific is highly regarded by UNAIDS. Considering 30-40% of people living with HIV/AIDS are the youth, UNAIDS expect JYJ to encourage increased HIV awareness and fundraising for UNAIDS-related activities.


UNAIDs, which was launched in January 1996, has a role of protecting people from epidemic, monitoring it and supporting people living with HIV/AIDS. In addition, UNAIDS provides a report on the global AIDS epidemic, hold a conference on HIV/AIDS issues, and put efforts on alleviating the impact of the epidemic.

UNAIDS is guided by a ‘Programme Coordinating Board’ with representatives of 22 governments from all geographic regions, 9 UNAIDS Cosponsors, and five representatives of nongovernmental organizations. It is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. 169 countries (by 2011) are participating.

16th August, JYJ also accepted the role of official Ambassador for the 10th international Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP10), which is held by ASAP (AIDS Society of Asia and the Pacific) and UNAIDS.

JYJ is going to appear 2011 10th Asia-Pacific AIDS Congress (ICAAP 10) opening ceremony which is holding in 26th August, BEXCO Busan, to attend an appointment ceremony. As a UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador for the Asia and Pacific region (Regional Goodwill Ambassador), JYJ is to attend a charitable concert, as well as shooting public service advertisements and volunteer activities and so on, for one year.

From TVXQ to JYJ..Making a new leap forward

31st July, 2009. Hero Jae-joong, Micky Yoo-chun, and Xiah Jun-su, 3 members of ‘TVXQ’ submitted to the court for provisional disposition to terminate the validity of their exclusive contract with SM Entertainment. “Because of the SM’s unilateral schedule for 5 years, we are exhausted both in mind and body” was the reason. After this legal action, they got the name of JYJ. Instead of four-letter name, they found the real name (Kim Jae-joong, Park yoo-chun, and Kim Jun-su), too.

Since then, however, the time of hardships was started. Apart from the SM’s objection which has overruled, Avex which managed TVXQ’s promotion in Japan ceased their activities. Also, the Union of Korean Pop Culture and Arts Industry made each broadcaster refrain JYJ’s appearance by sending a public document. It caused that a range of JYJ’s activities have been drastically narrowed.

Even though JYJ published their 1st album ‘The beginning’ on 12nd October, 2010 and hold showcase and world tour, these 3 men couldn’t sing their song at major terrestrial broadcasters. 2010 KBS Drama Awards Celebration was the JYJ’s first stage, but they could sing only the original sound track of ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, which Park yoo-chun acted as a main cast member. Last July, JYJ was scheduled to perform in a KBS broadcasted concert with other singers in Jeju for the 7 World Wonders campaign but received a cancellation notification unilaterally.

However, ‘restriction’ becomes a ‘plus’. Park yoo-chun carries his successful career as an actor, playing a main cast member in ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’(2010) and ‘Miss Ripley’(2011). Kim jae-joong, who already acclaimed as an actor in Japan, is now playing a role in a SBS’s high-rated drama series ‘Save my boss’. Kim jun-su also stood on the stage of musical ‘Mozart’ and ‘Tears in heaven’ in 2011. Recently, they are holding the photo exhibition ‘Mine’, showing people how JYJ spend their time and JYJ’s lifestyle.

Still, all they want is ‘standing on the stage’. Since they’re ‘singer’, they want to perform on the stage with their own album. Now, they’re appointing as UNAIDS regional goodwill ambassador for the Asia and pacific region. That’s the reason why JYJ’s the next move is attracting more attention.

Source: OhMyStar News
Shared by: JYJ3

There are only a total of four Koreans that are honorary ambassadors to specialized organizations under UN – music conductor Jung Myunghoon, figure skater Kim Yuna, Actor Jang Donggun, and now JYJ!!! (via @_withjyj)


How can i sstop being proud with these amazing young men? they’ve been appointed for FLL Korea, KEPCO, WORLD-OKTA, N7W, ICAAP10, and  now, even an International Organization under UN (United Nation) chosen them. this one of appointed ambassadors you cant buy with money or just by doing favor for them. for UNAIDS to chose them, then they acknowledge these young men. sad isnt it, when in their own country, they treated so low and in a ‘hush hush’ matter, when internationally, they bring good name for their country.



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August 25, 2011 at 8:45 am

Avex sues the venue that held JYJ’s Japan Charity Concert

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[Trans/Summary] Avex sues the venue that held JYJ’s Japan Charity Concert

Posted on July 25, 2011 by jyj3

Summary of the article in “Shukan Gendai” –Weekly times- Newspaper

On the 10th of May, a warning was sent to the Sumo Organization, clearly requesting the suspension of the event.

Then, a representative from the side of the Sumo Organization called on the 12th of May, saying “figure out your trouble between the involved parties (T/N: JYJ and Avex) because we’ve already allowed the use of the venue, and received the rental fees” the representative informed them rudely. (T/N: the quotes from the representative were written in informal speech that can be considered rude when spoken in such a formal situation.)

“Right before the concert on the 2nd of June, we sent them another warning, but it was useless” a person from Avex said. Avex took all the temporary methods to stop the concert but, it is now forced to take legal actions against the Sumo Organization, the management company and others seeking compensation of 143,400,000 Yen (T/N: approximately $1,834,200) and is taking the case to Tokyo district court.

The compensation was estimated based on the calculation of the profit that Avex would have gained if they held the event as the management company. “All the other concert venues in Japan knew about the trouble between us and the Right-wing gangster organization, and refused to host the concert.

Why was the Kokugikan (T/N: sumo hall) the only one to accept them? You start to suspect that they have connections to the other side (T/N: Right-wingers)” says a member of Avex management.

(Part not related to the lawsuit omitted)

Concerning this lawsuit, the Sumo organization stated, “The petition for the lawsuit has not been confirmed yet, therefore we cannot answer any questions”

For a sumo organization who is covered in scandals and barley managing to finally hold a tournament, the opportunity of hosting a concert for such a popular idol group was an irresistible temptation, but the final result was that they made an enemy of such a huge recording company.

Translation by: As0or83 of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

Ok, i have taken some personal notes regarding this act by AVEX:

– personally, i thought AVEX really have lost their mind by suing the venue. for my understanding, as i dont familiar with Japan Law, the so called. ‘contract problem’ is between AVEX and THSK/JYJ. so it doesnt concern the venue at all. if JYJ and Cjes decided to hold the charity concert in a public parking lot or public garden or in a forest, they will sue those places too?

– this event was for charity, as in non-profit event. i believe people already knew, that CJes n JYJ themselves even asked fans to didnt bring any gift for them, bcoz the even was meant for charity, to help Japan. but AVEX, as a company in Japan, who supposed to support any activity helping their fellow citizen who, even until now still need help, suing the venue with a compensation “estimated based on the calculation of the profit that Avex would have gained if they held the event as the management company” so for them, its not ‘contract problem’ like they said as a reason why they keep blocking this charity event, but because they wont gain any profit from the event. i mean, really AVEX? its for charity to help your people and all you can think is the profit?  i believe this shown true face of AVEX.

– “Why was the Kokugikan (T/N: sumo hall) the only one to accept them? You start to suspect that they have connections to the other side (T/N: Right-wingers)” says a member of Avex management.”

its so funny, how AVEX keep saying about the ‘right wingers’ (as in yakuza) in everything that related to JYJ. first they accused CJes CEO have a connection with yakuza. but we all know that it was AVEX who introduced JYJ to him and how Matsuura even praised him alot. then as we all know, now he keep saying bad thing about CEO Baek.and accused him have realtionship with ‘yakuza’. and now, the accused Sumo Organization also have a relationship with ‘right wingers’ (yakuza) also. i mean, come on AVEX, must you accused everybody who dare to refused u as they have a relationship with yakuza ? beside, even if they do, what is the relation between them having relationship with ‘right wingers’ with them let JYJ having a charity concert? at least they have a heart to let the charity to help their own people happened.

“You start to suspect..” well, avex, i believe it just you who suspect like that, since all people care is how the event could help people in Japan who in need and still need help.

and i believe people also heard the news that in fact it was Matsuura himself that the one who have connection with ‘the gang’ (1) (2)

really, Avex, how low can you be???

Source :

(1) (original article in Japanese)

(trans of the article in English :




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