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why at last i chose to support JYJ

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ok, before i start rambling, i have to admit that english isnt my first languange. so this ramble might contains lots of grammar mistake n misspell words. but hey, i warned u before, so, dont complain! for the grammar, or for the very looooooooooooooonnnnnggggggggg rambling…

i never plan to share about JYJ in here. as i say quite alot in every news about jyj. but then, even with the boys doing fine, with sme’s lies being open in the SK court, lots of people still bashing jyj n saying they are greedy, etc, etc.

so, here’s my stand in these situation, and why then i chose to support JYJ. what i share in here is from my experience n my thoughts during those times. thus, its not a made up to justify what i felt about why i support JYJ. in contrary, i’m finally decided to support JYJ bcoz of my past experience as  a fan of SME artists like HOT, BOA, Shinhwa, Fly To The Sky n then TVXQ.

but firstly, let me share a bit about how i know Kpop n SME. i fell in love with all about SK was far before people talking about korean wave. my first touch with Korea was since 2001. it was from kdrama Autumn in My heart (AIMH) starred by Song Hye Gyo, Won Bin n Song Seung Hun. at that time Meteor Garden was big hit in whole Asia. so people dont know about kdrama since mandarin drama was the main search in that time. even people who watched AIMH prefer to put the mandarin dub than to hear the real languange. but not for me, i was fascinated by Korean languange. the languange like music in my ears. thus, my first experience with Korea. than i watched Winter Sonata (WS) in 2002. and i fallen in love fully with SK. i studied Korean Languange in 2003 for 5-6 months. and since i love AIMH n WS, i was fallen with the OST. there was my first experience with Kpop. i was accidently found one track from  AIMH OST sung by HOT, A Song For A Lady. i love this song so much. thus i searched alot about HOT, and become quite a fan of their song such as Candy, HaengBok (which later Super Junior sang the new version of it) and We Are The Future. From HOT, i knew Shinhwa, my first love of Korean Boyband.and then i knew Boa, my first love of Kpop female singer (No. 1 still my fave song until now). then i knew Fly To the Sky, which my 2nd love after Shinhwa. then i know about SES, Finkl, G.O.D, then TVXQ. so i mostly fallen in love with sme artists.

oh, btw, i put some sites in where it can backed up what i wrote in here, u can see those sites at the end of my rambling. but u also can look for those infos in the internet from other sites  than those i mentioned, since i just put several sites in here.those site just for backing me up, for all the things i said in here. 

when i heard HOT disbanded. i  felt a bit sad. i just knew about them n then i just found out that they disbanded. especially only kangta n moon hee jun stayed in sme. the other 3 didnt. i remember i was so confused at that time. why wont they stay with sme? they were so much success with sme. but that time, in my country, the access of Kpop was so limited, as people still in love with F4. but later when Shinhwa left sme, i found out, that when HOT disbanded, there was an issue  that one of the reason HOT disbanded were bcoz it seems the members, or at least the 3 who left sme, felt that they didnt receive enough royalties from their sales (1)  (as for each band member to receive royalties of less than 1 for every CD sold)  (2). didnt get enough royalties?  hmm.. sound so familiar guys?

oh by the way, those 3 members then made another band, JTL in which when they debut, SME asked various Korean entertainment broadcasts to blocked the music video (3) , or threatened if they bring JTL to their shows, sme will never let their artist to perform in that show. and suddenly, their schedules were cancelled, and their video never even made it on cable tv. thus they cant promoted their song (4). this incident drew angry fans to threw eggs to sme building (5). well, well, well, where have i heard about the EXACT blocked thingy attitude lately, i wonder???

and then shinhwa also left sme. i remember so clearly, i thought, “not again”, “what’s wrong with sme?why those artists left sme?” for people who wasnt so familiar with Shinhwa, during 1998-2004, shinhwa was just like TVXQ. HUGE SUCCESS, sold out concerts, winning awards everywhere. i remember so stunned when i watched a vcd of one of their concert. “so many people” i thought. thats why i didnt understand, why they want to left sme after 6years of success with sme? sme offered them 2nd contract, but they denied the offer, all the members refused. there’s also a legal dispute between sme-shinhwa (6). but shinhwa won the case, and then all the members left sme to another company.oh, just additional info, 2 of shinhwa members, Eric n Andy was rappers for one of  SES’ song (SES also from sme). and again, sound so familiar wasnt it?

several years later, i heard about TVXQ. that time i dont really pay attention to them, as i thought sme just want to make another shinhwa, since shinhwa left sme. but one of my bestfriend keep telling me about them, and the next things i know, i have fallen for them.

several months i joined the fandom, Jae, Chun n Su, left sme. i felt like HOT n Shinhwa all over again. at first, i keep believing that in the end, they will be together again. beside, sme wont let TVXQ broken apart, right? TVXQ are their money tree! so i believe, sme will learn from their past experience with HOT, JTL, Shinhwa even from Hankyung (who also have a legal battle in court with sme when he put a lawsuit of provisional disposition of the exclusive contract with SM Entertainment at the Seoul Central District Court) (7). but i guess they arent, are they?

at first, i really support all the 5. i was an ot5. i cheered when yunho chosen to be involved in MJ This Is It. i was drooling watching yunho dance with those hot outfit (how can he looked good in tight pants?). i watched HTTG. i waited n waited like crazy for changmin’s Paradise Ranch. i keep watching JYJ. i cried with them in 2009 MAMA. i cried during Thxgiving concert in Dome. i keep saying AKTF, TVXQ=5. i was still hoping they will together again n refuse to take a side.

but then, i see how unfair sme to our boys. by blocking them together with KFPCAI? by using their power to pressure tv stations? how can i keep believing with the 5? how can i didnt take a side?

i never, never, never, will badmouthing HoMin. but i have to admitted, when they comeback as TVXQ. just like i said. my hope for the 5 to be together again just gone. i never said they cant comeback, no! but JYJ didnt use TVXQ when they stand in Dome for Thxgiving concert. they use their name, in which then shortened to JJY before it changed to JYJ. in MAMA n Thxgiving con, i still believe they will together again. just like Jae message in 2009 MAMA. just like the W lyric. but suddenly, BAM!!! HoMin comeback as TVXQ. it seems like they closed the door for the 3 to come back (in which Junsu said the same thing). no, i never said they cant use TVXQ name. i just, until that time, i still believe what all those 5, including Yunho and Changmin said to us,“All five members have to be together to represent the name of ‘DBSK’– Yunho (8). “Only when the five of us are together, are we called TVXQ!” –  Changmin (9). and when they sang Rising Sun? i cant never able to watched it, i’m glad for them when ppl praised them said that they still can perform it well. but it hurt to remember that during Rising Sun periode, yunho and changmin really show their love, support n care for Jae who had a knee-injury that time. and when they won the award, yunho’s yell “jaejoong-ah” was one of my fave moment of the boys, coz they really didnt let anyone behind. eventho jae’s part only one line in Rising Sun song.

and i totally support jyj when in the court hearing on March 15, 2011 these facts were made public (10):

1. SME supposed to pay TVXQ 50 million KRW if the mirotic album sales reached 500k. but sme put only 480k being sold, thus the boys didnt get the 50 million KRW. Theres also an additional 44,000 usd to be paid for each member if the sales EXCEEDED 500k. but sme never paid this to the boys, for a reason, “it never reached 500k” but on January 8, 2009 sme themselves released a statement that Mirotic total sales was 502,837  and on the court, JYJ side show a prove that the album total sales was 540,000 copies. then sme’s side said they didnt paid the 50 million KRW bcoz the 3 didnt participated for the next album, in which then the court rejected this explanation (which btw, make me wonder, as HoMin DO participated in the next album, will they get the 50 million KRW then?)

2. during 2007-2008 sme should pay TVXQ usd 3 million for the concert and other concert-related activity.and other expenses were to be paid by PR agency not by TVXQ. but JYJ then (and i believe HoMin also) still being charged 800,000 usd for expenses, in which it should to be paid by the PR agency as promised.sme side said it was for expenses for another contract (and i was like “heeee? another contract?” even the judge asked what the meaning of this ‘another contract’ in which sme’s side failed to give further explanation).

3. sme said that they never paid TVXQ for non-regular activities (variety show like starking, xman, etc and performances in mnet, musicbank, etc), and it never showed in their accountant report bcoz those activities only paid 200-270 usd per activity. and this was written in the contract. can u imagine how many activities during those 5 years that have TVXQ attended? lets say they just attended 10 shows permonth, during 5 years it added up to 600 activities, with those sme got 120,000-170,000 usd. minimum!!

4. TVXQ have to paid for ALL expenses like music video production, new songs choreography, even showcase costs listed as their costs, which means they have to paid for ALL of those. not to mention they also have to paid for other expenses like food expenses, gas expenses, maid expenses, cleaning lady expenses, parking expenses, external security expenses… sme side said this include as ‘operation expenses’

and the most hillarious that even people in the court laughed;

5. sme denied that TVXQ are their most profittable artist. sme said that from 2008 overseas profit of 12,000,000 usd (or so), tvxq ONLY making 880,000 usd of it. not even reached 1,000,000 usd. the remaining 11,500,000 usd profit came from  Boa, Go Ara, CSJH, The Trax. so it means while TVXQ in overseas activity (japan for one) do all those amazing concert, sold so many albums, starred in CF’s,  they even cannot win from Go Ara (not i hate her, this just for comparison). hah! no wonder those people laughed on this statement.we all know AVEX stated that TVXQ’s (or THSK in Japan) income in 2009 were 2nd biggest after Ayumi Hamasaki. so how come their profit didnt even came as 1% of all overseas profit sme got?

6. sme keep saying they will provide the legal documents of what they said are the truths. but even until the 4th hearing, they cant provide those docs. and they keep postponing the verdict by claiming they are gathering the docs n evidences. how can this even possible? they do the reports n documented everything, as a company should, but when the court asked for this docs n evidences, they keep postponing bcoz they say that they are still gathering all those docs n evidences? dont they do all financial reports n keep all the documents?even i still keep my old bank book and credit card report from 2 years back.

i can rambling all days for this matter. but even with the latest hearing, we can see that:

A. if sme lied about Mirotic sales n refused to paid TVXQ their income n bonuses, how can u be sure they didnt do it in their other albums? its so obvious with Mirotic success, the boys should get those 30 mil krw n 440,000 usd bonus. but then sme proven didnt paid the boys. are u blaming JYJ if then they sue sme? sme keep saying it never be a problem before for JYJ about the income distribution. of course, before, they just accepted what sme told them. but as they are so success in SK, Japan n overseas, even stupid people can calculate roughly how MUCH money they should get. but to get nothing? and this isnt from chun’s song, this is a fact, as in the hearing, sme side admitted they didnt paid the 30 mil krw n the 440,000 usd bonus.

B. the boys didnt get the paid they were promised, but they have to paid for ALL expenses. i mean, ok, i understand for the food expenses, gas espenses, even the security. but they have to paid for music video production? for dance choreography? even for they showcase? heck, if they have to paid for all of this, so what sme paid as their agency?N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!! even parking expenses paid by the boys themselves!!!!

C. the boys MUST attend all activities related to their promotions of album or concert. but they never get paid for all of those, as sme got it all. but they have to paid for the dance choreography they will perform in those activites? to paid for laundry of those costumes they wear in those activities? jeez, and u all ask why JYJ want to be free from sme? if this how sme treated them, they dont need sme. as the boys themselves paid for all those mv production, dance choreography, dancer, costumes, laundry for those costumes, gas fee for their tour bus n company cars, the security to protected them (in which it supposed to be their company job to protected the boys) even the showcase itself!

C. they didnt even give credit for TVXQ hardwork, by saying that TVXQ didnt profit them enough, as they didnt even reach 1% of the total overseas profit. sme got it from their other artist. heck, they work their a** out, didnt care if they sick or tired, but sme then just said, “even then they didnt profitable enough for us’. what the heck, sme.

and dont forget, sme keep saying JYJ are under their contracts. but since the lawsuit, even when their albums still selling, their dvd (esp in japan) still selling, sme never gave the boys the payment. they claimed the boys are their artist, but they didnt give the boys their right. typicall!

so, now, tell me. is it wrong if JYJ want to leave? i dont know why HoMin stayed.maybe bcoz they are coming from a family who teach about loyalty. but sme themselves didnt hold the loyalty toward the boys. my country years ago, when we still colonized, the colony promised us freedom. but then they keep colonized us n didnt keep their promise of freedom. should we keep silent then? is it wrong if we want to be free? i’m glad my founding fathers fought for our freedom. coz now we are free.

i dont blame HoMin.its their choice n i respect them for that. but i’m will forever glad JYJ did broke free from sme. they arent the 1st for trying. JTL did, Shinhwa did so did Hankyung.JYJ just take the fight to another level. why other sme artist stayed in sme? i dont know. maybe they happy stayed there. when my bestfriend resigned from our old job, she said she had it enough with our company. but for me, at that time, i didnt feel what she felt. i was still comfortable work there, as all my collegues are like estended family.thus she left, i stayed. but then situation changed, i didnt feel comfy again, i want to felt another opportunity, thus i left. but my other collegues still stayed there. we still talk n meet. but our goal are different maybe those artist still comfy with sme. beside dont forget, until now, only JTL, Shinhwa and Hankyung have guts to stand against sme. in Shinhwa case, they did finished their contract. In Hankyung’s case, until now, i never heard he come back to or have even one activity in SK. And look at JTL, maybe those artist take JTL as their example to never fight with sme.beside, dont forget, that there’s a clausal in sme contract that if one breaking the contract, they must paid a very HUGH amount of money if they leave. thus, it prevented them to leave.(4)

and i believe people will mad at me, and saying how can i know that sme really blocked  JYJ ? well, for starters:

1. sme did put injuction to prevent JYJ doing any promo for their worldwide album. and the court itself then put a fine for sme coz they said thatit has been recognized that there is a possibility that they will interfere with JYJ’s activities in the entertainment industry in the future” (11).even the court know about this.

2. remember 2009 MAMA? its not a secret that sme blocked MAMA by didnt let any of their artist to attend the award.(12) so eventho sme didnt said anything, do u think those station tv dare to take a risk by stand against sme?

3. when JYJ chosen as Jeju Island honorary ambassador for natural wonders vote, there’s a phone call frome Seoul to the Leader in charge of the natural 7 wonder work said that it wont help the promo by chose JYJ as the honorary ambassador.the SKKS team member himself said that “ was probably someone from SM who called…” (13). even people in the entertainment itself know about this fact.

updated : on July 16, 2011, KBS Jeju cancelled JYJ performance at N7W event campaign, just 4 days before the event, and ‘coincidentally’ the performer changed to SNSD and F(x) from,  what do you know, SME’s artists. before the sudden cancellation, SNSD (who were on their very tight schedule,  since they are promoting for Japan. their schedules were so tight that they member, Sunny collapsed in stage due overexhaustion) and F(x) (who also busy with their album promotion) with SME never release a statement or confirmed that SNSD n F(x) gonna perform in the event, and the event arent included in their schedules. even their fans are shocked about this news, since from the schedule that being shown to fans before, this event werent in their schedules. this gather so many angry protests, from JYJ fans esp fans from overseas (many were from Japan), who have bought airplane tickets, booked hotel and arranged their schedule to come for the performance to watched JYJ. KBS never gave proper explanation for this nor they provided to pay for the fans who then cancelled their tickets to the performance, and SME didnt even said anything in why ‘suddenly’ it were their artists performing for an event, in which JYJ, the official goodwill ambassador, got cancelled. but for so many people, i believe you can go figure why. esp by then, public have believe, it was sme who put a backdoor presure for the cancellation (16). and even the Jeju senator also condemn this act and asked clarification from KBS (17). at the event, you can see from KBS camera, fancams or fanaccount that the event wasnt as successfull or ‘effective’ (as to cancelled JYJ) as KBS said, since it less than 400 people attended the event.

if u need another prove about how sme treated their artists badly even like a prisoner, than hear what Isak whom still have to finished her 10 yrs contract with sme until 2012 said, “[T]hey were afraid that we would sneak out. They would put in a house phone for us, and we couldn’t call from our cell phones. We had to call from our house phone to our manager as soon as we walk[ed] in the door [to inform them] that we came in.”, “No dating,” she said. “You get caught, you pay consequences.”, “I was threatened that if I didn’t break up with my boyfriend then I would be either cut from SM or not [be] able to debut.” and here’s her words toward her experience of believing sme’s promise to their trainee/soon-to-be-artist before they debut, that they (sme) will keep their artists good n well, but in fact they all must face with ‘long contracts and hidden fees’, They [the management companies] promise before you debut, ‘we’re going to house you, we’re going to feed you, we’re going to give you all the lessons you need. Do your best’ and then we think that that’s all free,” remembered Isak. She soon learned, however, that all the expenses that went into her upkeep, including stylists, salon visits, manager fees, food, and clothing, were deducted from her pay (14). And i believe some of you didnt forget about what happened to Hankyung that caused him put the lawsuit, “Hangeng has not had any rest in 2 years, causing him to suffer from fatigue, which also resulted in chronic gastritis, illnesses related to his kidney, lumbar disc herniation, as well as a visible decrease in body strength. However, SM Entertainment rejected Hangeng’s requests for rest, and continued to schedule activities for him, which caused Hangeng to suffer a lot of pain.“, ” Due to contract obligations and heavy penalties, even during bad health, he was not to skip any scheduled activities.”, “Because of these kind of health problems, (he) has continuously put forward requests to rest, but has always been rejected.” “Through their manager, Hankyung requested from SM for leave to return to China to rest but he was rejected every single time.” (7).

but like i said. i’m glad JYJ chose to left sme. look how much they are growing. composer, directing, acting, musical, honorary ambassador.they can do what they never allowed to do when they stayed in sme. we all know they cant chose what they want to do and what they didnt (well, sme accused the cosmetic jyj invested was the seed of the lawsuit, since sme said jyj insisted to invested in the cosmetic company. i mean, hey, its their money, their rights to decide what they want to do with it right? but nooo, sme use this in their defense of the lawsuit). they didnt even know abouth their schedules, since it always decided by sme. but look at JYJ now. they have their freedon now. and with that, they can do quality activities. their self compose song proven to be a very good songs. and they own the song rights. when in sme, the rights went to sme.

i will always love the old TVXQ. they will always have a special place in my heart.  i still hope to see the 5 sing in 1 stage again. those harmony just too regretful to be wasted, to be forgotten n abandoned. but most of all, i want my boys to be happy. JYJ are happy now. and if HoMin happy by staying with sme. thats their choice.i do regret TVXQ cant be like shinhwa, the longest Kpop band still together until now.but i believe JYJ are making history. coz i refuse to believe, if JYJ win, and the entertainment industry have to change their unjust policy, i refuse to believe that other Kpop artist,  still gonna just sit n accept what their company nowadays do to them.

i’m glad they are moving forward. they arent idol who just going from one show to another.being in the news for being photographed in some event. being mentioned occasionally by another artist. they arent just a doll idol. they arent celebrity who just do what their company told them to do. with their freedom, now JYJ have proven themselves by doing a very good job.achieved things they cant n maybe they wont ever achieve if they stay in sme. they show their work in their own sold out concerts. by performing in a sold out musical and won praises from lots of people, not only fans. by being casted in good dramas. by being the 1st Kpop Boyband to be featured in Billboard Magazine. by getting awards as best rookie in Japan (jae), best newcomer in musical (junsu), winning 3 awards from 1 drama (yoo chun), by being chosen as OKTA goodwill ambassador in which the participants of the events including President n Minister of SK, by being the drector for their own world wide concert in asia (jae), for being a part of directing team in 1 prestigious gala show what will attended by international atheltes (jae),  for being a nominee for best actor in musical from his 2nd musical (junsu), for sold his yet to air drama with a very high price to japan (chun). then tell me. with all those achievement, can u blame them that they wanna break out from sme? coz if they didnt, we never see them achieve all of those achievement.

so, please, dont bash JYJ for wanting to be free, to get justice, to be paid fairly. looking at how hard these boys work, is it wrong to wanting it? even us, when we work, we always want a better salary, better environment, better career oppurtunity, etc. do we judge people too when they resigned from their old  job bcoz they want to look for a better job? or when they resigned bcoz they got accepted from another company that will pay them better?

if you really open your heart and mind, and really look JYJ latest development, you can see that, trully its not only a matter of money, that they did what they did. coz if they are greedy as people say they are, they wont paid their USA showcase with their own money. they can just go back without continuing it. people will understand, coz its not their own will that the showcase was cancelled. but they still hold the showcase. not only they pay for all the expenses from their own pocket, they made those concerts free so their fans still can see they perform. if they are really greedy,  junsu wont choose to be involved in musical, the payment not as much as doing a concert. chun wont so selective to involved in drama, he will take any drama he can take. jae wont chose to be involved as director in a gala show.its better for him to be involved in CFs as or to be in magazine like the one with Elle, coz we know how he is in high demand for those kind of activities.but they choose their activity carefully. and then chose to be involved in quality activities which didnt pay much.if they really greedy and just want to get more money, they can just do easy jobs that offer big payment.

again, i didnt write this for bashing  HoMin. if u paid attention, the people i mentioned with a displeased was only SME. but i just want people to understand, as much as we want to be free to do what we want to do, to get what we deserved to get, so does JYJ. i dont and wont hate HoMin. i will pray for their success, as JYJ did pray for HoMin’s success (15). and again, my rambling isnt about who hurt the most, JYJ or HoMin. coz i believe they do love n care each other, so both parties are hurt.this about my hope for people to understand, to see, to accepted, why JYJ did what they did. i dont say JYJ are the right one n HoMin are the wrong one. no! what i’m saying is, sme did have part n be the reason of why JYJ chose to do the lawsuit, to be free from sme. and as u can see, esp since the last hearing when all sme lies n unjust attitude toward TVXQ, both as person, and also as artists under their company and toward their contract, all of those were revealed, that i dont tell lies, i dont make up facts, i’m not some stupid-overly-hallusinatic-and-overly-biased-fangirl. those facts have made public, in front of SK court of law. thus all the facts are TRUE.

I will keep the memory of those 5 in my heart. i will always love TVXQ with wll the 5 members together, Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun, Youngwoong Jaejoong, Uknow Yunho, and Choikang Changmin. i will always love their love for each other, their brotherhood, their passion for music, their smart, funny, handome, dorky personality. but most of all, i will love the beauty of harmony they bring when they singing as 5. TVXQ5 will always be my beautiful memory. until the 5 of them decided to singing together again in 1 stage. as TVXQ again, or JYJ+DBSK. but i really hope JYJ will win the lawsuit. so then other artists wont experience what Isak, JTL, Shinhwa, Hankyung, and of course JYJ have experienced. those artists make us happy, its only fair that they are happy too.

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  1. Am halfway ,.. will continue when i get home.. but i bet you felt great writing this one!


    May 17, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    • omo… thx for giving ur time… gosh, i am embarassed now ^///^


      May 17, 2011 at 4:00 pm

  2. nothing to be had your should fell great about this.@one-nee peace v r fact fans not fiction fighting


    May 17, 2011 at 4:42 pm

    • (*blush madly*)
      thx for giving ur time reading it… i hope those longggggggggggg ramble wont give u a headache. yep, when i read so many bad comments in allkpop (for the news when junsu post pics of his parent’s house), it make me really wanna write this. i took more than 5 hours to finished, thats why it sooooooooo long, lol.
      thx again for ur time =)


      May 17, 2011 at 4:49 pm

  3. wow…it’s really great u know ?
    u can gave the detail explanation from your view
    hope the people who always bash our boys can understand and i really hope they can open their eyes and minds about this matter and stop do something that really needed…..


    May 17, 2011 at 5:11 pm

    • thx u… omo, i cant stop blushing hehehe…
      the reason why i finally wrote this was bcoz of i read so many bad comments in allkpop artikel about junsu showing his parent’s house.even after the boys show great achievements, still so many people keep saying bad things about them n keep talking about money is the reason they left sme. i really cant understand why they keep saying those things, even after sme lies was revealed in the court. thats why i decided to wrote this.not for blaming n saying our boys hurting more than HoMin. but to make people see, that what our boys achieved n will keep achieving since they are free now, are the reason they did the lawsuit.
      thx for giving ur time to read this, dearie. lets keep supporting our boys =)


      May 17, 2011 at 5:26 pm

  4. I like your writing…so deep and meaningful…
    Happy that someone can stand beside JYJ and shares the facts of what had happened to JYJ and SM..(To all haters, please read this)
    Glad that we are in the same fandom..will continue to support our boys.. 🙂


    May 17, 2011 at 5:12 pm

    • aww thx u for reading it =)
      i just want people to see JYJ’s side of this lawsuit thingy. i just cant understand, why, even after sme lies revealed in the latest hearing, and after JYJ all great achievements, people still blaming n saying that our boys greedy.
      yep. lets continue supporting our boys.coz i believe they really are going to change SK entertainment industry =)


      May 17, 2011 at 5:32 pm

  5. I’m half way done! It’s a good read. 🙂 it’s great of u for sharing(@.@)
    all haters should read this!! It will help then open their minds!


    May 17, 2011 at 10:32 pm

    • ^///^
      oh, gosh, thx for giving ur time, dearie. actually i dint write this to make haters turn their back n love/applaud our boys for what they did with the lawsuit (but if they do, its good too anyway, lol). i just hope for people to stop bashing our boys. how can they keep saying JYJ are greedy, and that JYJ do it for money. sme lies n unjust attitude toward JYJ n their contract have been revealed in the last hearing. an even after what our boys achieved, many still say the same thing. by wrote this, i jut hope they will see that what they have achieved n will keep achieving are the reason they wanna free from sme.


      May 18, 2011 at 1:58 am

  6. I applaud you for taking a stand. This isn’t an easy thing to do and not too many OT5 are willing to take the pain and leave their fangirling just to be slapped on the face with something as heavy as a lawysuit. But if you really love these guys, if you really support them, you can’t allow yourself to stay blind. You may know about the lawsuit, but do they consider that important, no. They consider their selfish fangirling more important because the pain of OT5 breaking up is not worth it.
    I wish you well sweetie, and I am happy for you that now, the only thing you and I will feel from now is pride for what JYJ will be achieving in the future, and should all five get back together, then so be it and that’s all good. I hope more OT5 will learn from you.


    May 17, 2011 at 10:38 pm

    • yep. i agree about leave the fandom. as i see so many of people i meet at LJ or people i know, have left the fandom since the lawsuit. but, i’m glad i didnt leave. coz look at our boys now! they keep making us prouder n prouder n prouder each day =)
      i was an ot5. and will keep cherishing all the doesnt mean i choose JYJ over HoMin. i still love those 2. but this is about JYJ vs SME. and as u can see, after what i learnt about sme, i think i must be crazy to believe sme’s lies.
      thx for giving ur time reading it, dearie. its not an easy reading (with very looooooooooooooong rambling n mistakes here n there, lol). lets keeep supporting n wish the best for our boys =)


      May 18, 2011 at 2:03 am

  7. Greeting one_nee

    Thank you for giving me a chance to read your rambling. As I myself is not so fluent in English, I know you spent a lot of time jotting down your thought. And I salute you for that.

    And congratulation for being OT5 who fully supporting JYJ after weighing down all your option.I hope to see more of OT5 like you. 🙂

    It must be very painful for you to see them break like that, but it must be hell for JYJ to make such decision, putting their name, career and above all their life under fire. But these idol finally grow up, and they know enough is enough. SM couldnt fool them any longer. And for that I really feel very proud of them.

    I am what you say a new fan of JYJ as i hardly know DBSK before. I have seen their performances and most of their show as I want to understand them. I have no comment of the other two, but to me Jaejung, Junsu and Yuchoon are very talented young guys who dream to fly higher and not just relying on their good look. As a fans, I really really admire and love them dearly.

    Lets us support and give strength to them. As much as they make us happy with their music , lets us give them undivided, unending love to them coz they really need to know that as much as hatred they got, there is even more love that they receive. And hopefully there will more of OT5 who really can understand how JYJ feel and give 100% love to them.


    May 18, 2011 at 9:51 am

    • yep. i’m also think that if all this situation are so painful for fans, can we imagine how much more painful for them? they are the people who must face all of those. thx for reading and leaving a comment, for giving ur time =) and yep! lets keep supporting JYJ =)


      May 18, 2011 at 12:14 pm

  8. Frankly speaking, living in a lie, in denial when all the facts had actually appeared and refused to wake up to reality and linger on and on…is the worst pain ever…It’s hard to move on but it is not impossible not to move on.

    SME, did more than that….much more than Yoochun’s “Unnamed Song Part 1”

    Thank you again, I hope more like you will see the truth rather than just plain and senseless fan-girling.


    May 18, 2011 at 2:11 pm

    • thx u for reading this =)
      i hope, really, people will see that its not always about money.
      thx u ur time n for ur comment =)


      May 19, 2011 at 6:16 am

  9. Thank you.You also put my feelings & decision into words ❤ :o)


    May 18, 2011 at 4:31 pm

    • then we have the same mind, lol.
      thx fir ur time reading this, dearie =)
      lets keep supporting our boys =)


      May 19, 2011 at 6:17 am

  10. “But sme themselves didnt hold the loyalty toward the boys.” Exactly. Exactly. 🙂

    Very very VERY beautiful explanation. My eyes watered I clapped, I agree with you completely. Bless you for understanding it this way. I wish many more will soon realize this is the stance of most JYJ fans. You have some extreme fans out there but over all this is how we feel.

    It’s the way I understand it too. Like I still don’t mind Homin. Like Yunho was my bias. Yeah they pissed me off sometimes with their stance and what they say to media but I let it go, I say to myself all the time if their company wasn’t SM I would support them as musical artists. Cause it’s not about them. I know they have a different stance than JYJ which ultimately caused them to divide but hey…it is what it is but to me supporting SM artist is just allowing SM to get away with the way the conduct their business and artists which I don’t prefer and ultimately don’t want them to continue. There’s better ways of treating an artist that’s why JYJ can’t be a JTL you know? I want them to win so badly so SM can know that their antics in blocking will not always work. Their antics in flexing their powers on JYJ don’t always work. That bad sportsmanship SM displays, the mind frame…ew.

    It’s like a dog, if you keep beating it, I’ll stay for a while out of need for food, loyalty and love but one day it will rebel.

    It’s the same thing, you can’t go around acting like big shot and acting like HUMANS are products. Humans have their own goals, and dreams too and they change after a while esp. when they come to terms about what they want for their future. It’s no coincidence that this sprouted right at the height of their career. This sprouted in their early mid twenties. It’s around this age where you truly reflect on your status as a fully functioning adult. Time goes by fast, before you know it they’ll be 30, 40ish. I bet they had so much more they want to accomplish before the industry X’s them out as ‘too old to be relevant’.

    They were locked into SM 13 years, not having credit for anything always having to do what SM says, no dating, not getting what they deserved, putting in all this work and not receiving proper fruits, I know that messed with their being as a free agent that walks this world, as a human. I know they and probably even Homin wants more than that and they deserve it. Them getting out of SM now, gave them the opportunity to do all what they want. You see what they’re doing now, it’s beautiful. I bet at thirty when the contract finally ends they wouldn’t have done what they’re doing now. Musicals, dramas, directing etc.

    Ah, I agree none the less. JYJ keep soaring.


    May 18, 2011 at 4:34 pm

    • yep. it just madness how sme treated their artists. if u follow sme artist just like me, there’s a n incident where Andy (shinhwa) have to wear a mask. gosh, that time many people talked n believed that sme hit him that he have to wore a mask to cover a his face (theres a link about this that i provided. the 5theory link). and i also have seen a vid in youtube either last year or 2009, where 1 sme people yelled and harsly scolded DBSK (all the 5) just bcoz they didnt say much at an interview. i mean, they even controlled how much the boys had to talk? not just what they can or cant said, but the quantity yoo? jeez…
      thx for letting me know ur opinion too, dearie. lets keep supporting our boys =)


      May 19, 2011 at 6:32 am

  11. WOWW… You had a blog!! (and wrote some!!)
    I can’t elaborate much on this topic, but congratz for this blog!
    PS: How are you? I miss you…


    May 27, 2011 at 12:43 am

    • hehehe. yep. just made it around 2 weeks go. hehehe.
      miss u too G, kapan ya qt bs talk, lappie g lg diliburin ni, ada masalah di kipasnya. and about the topic. Yoochun, despite all the blocking, still won 2 awards in the prestigious Baeksang Award. yeay!!!
      u should read their news sometime, G, u will as proud as us. JYJ Hwaiting!!!!


      May 27, 2011 at 2:45 am

      • trus ini nulis dimana? gw masih sering baca kok berita2 mrk, tp ya cukup ampe disitu. my heart still can’t get over it, so kalo dipikirin jadi sedih.
        btw, akhir july-awal agustus kan gw ke sing tuhhh, wonder if you can go and meet me there, hehe…
        Btw, Junsu skrg chubby ya, hahaha…


        May 27, 2011 at 2:20 pm

      • hehehe, suka di kantor. jadi g ngetik di kantor pas lunch (kan g bw bekal jd bisa mkn di meja) trus kl uda, g save di usb, pas pulang g pinjem laptop n sambungan internet cici g (pk telp di kamar dia) or nebeng keponakan g. kan soso g da pindah rmh. or kl ga kadang2 pas sempet, pake internet kantor jg. hehehe, kynya sih ya, kali ya, mgkn krn skr dy bs cukup rest, ga ky dulu overload ama kerjaan. well, i dont feel sad as much as i used too. i have accepted that JYJ is JYJ and TVXQ is HoMin only now. beside, i dont want JYJ to go back to sme after all this things happened. as i said before, if one day all the 5, stand together, either as JYJ+TVXQ or as the reunited TV5Q. then its good. but right now, i’ll just gonna Always Keep The Faith for JYJ. i really am proud of them G. look how much they are flying, its so high. they get the awards n achievements that i would even ever dream they could when they was still in sme. and i’m glad they are left sme. coz, they really are soaring high, from idols to artists n performwe, while the other idols just still doing what they’ve been doing in the old days. just the same old ‘idol’. even MTV Korea (MTVK), who covered their concert in NJ said that their really are true can i’m not proud as them?and they do all of these despite all the blocking and without big entertainment company to support them, without doing any promotion or tv appereance at all. gila G. serius, g bangga bgt ma mrk =)
        iya, g juga inget. have u ordered the plane ticket? i hope u have. g ga bisa cuti G.kmrn mau ijin sehari aja, susah bgt dpt ijinnya. maklum g msh alone di ktr, blm dpt new partner smpe skr =(


        May 28, 2011 at 8:16 am

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