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my stand in yunjae fans selfish attitude

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i think maybe lots of people know about jae’s tweet n about yunjae fans attacking n bashing JYJ’s good friend, Mr Egg in twitter. then they spamming jae in his twitter, and jae have tweeted this : (trans credit to JYJ3)

[TRANS] 110525 Jaejoong Tweets– …

Posted on May 25, 2011 by jyj3

Jaejoong: Why so noisy like this..

Please respect Jaejoong. Please respect him. If you love him don’t harass him and don’t hurt him. Do no harm towards Jaejoong. That is the least you can do. The very least.

Source: @mjjeje

Translation Credit: JYJ3

btw, someone in JYJ3 said that it was like 4.30 am in USA when jae tweeted this. so, can u imagine, u r sleeping n then suddenly ur phone keep ringing n ringing n ringing from all those spamming. no wonder he got so upset n tweeted like that!

and before yunjae fans also attacked JYJ’s USA Tour dancer n a good friend of JYJ, Telisha. so, i had it enough! so to those YunJae fans, this is my stand. and i dont care if lots of YunJae fans will mad at me for saying this.


i am a yunjae fan. still do, u can check my LJ.i’m not a hardcore one,but i am squealing when i see a good yunjae vids, as i love to see jae blushing. but even i can see that so many yunjae fans are too much. even lots of us, yunjae fans, have ask those hardcore yunjae fans to respect jae, to restrain themselves(i dont say about yunho bcoz, hey, yunjae created as one of sme strategy and as he still in sme, so…).

i mean, even i realize that those vids n pics are from the old i believe they care about each other? yes, i do. jae confirmed it too, he loves yunho, as he loves the other 3. do i believe they are lover?i dont know.i dont know them, so i dont know whether they were or are together. hell, nobody knows! maybe only people who really close to them knows. but us fans?

and as why jae still take and wear or use what yunjae fans gave him, hey u all know how’s jae to his fans. do u think he will refuse fans gifts? JYJ known to respect fangifts n they arent ashame to wear or use it. why? coz they love n respected their fans. and yes, i see the vids or fanaccounts where jae is blushing n smilling when yunjae fans gave him gift, show him yunjae banner. and yep, i see many vids where jae does pay attention and smile even happily lauging n blushing for those yunjae banners and it made me squeal  n giddy too. but, it doesnt mean he wanted all of those to follow him everywhere. remember when their staff asked fans to dont shout other people name beside JYJ in their concert?if that wasnt big issue for them, they wont even ask fans to dont do it.isnt it better than to shout other name beside JYJ, u shout ‘JYJ’ or show ‘Dasi Sijak’ banner? if even me as a fan, felt so touched by those JYJ chant n ‘JYJ Beginning Again/JYJ Dasi Sijak’, can u imagine how deeply touched the boys were? so isnt it better to shout n show those to them?

for me, what most important now is JYJ. and since they are bcome news in everywhere, even in countries which being gay isnt acceptable, i dont want these fans selfish attitude ruin them. maybe gay is very common lately, but not all country or people accepted country is one of the example.even in the USA, artist who declare they are gay have to carried that title everywhere (like ellen or elton john). and no, i dont dislike moreover hate gay (i read yaoi for earth sake). they are human too, they also have feeling n wanting for people to accept who they are, and i’m not GOD to judge them.

what matter for me now is JYJ and what can we do to support them. as artists and as human. so more than spamming n trending about yunjae thingy, i would love fans to trending about their achievements, their works. i want people who dont know them, know about their achievements, not about somthg we, fans, dont even know if that is right or not. its not a matter of believe or not, yunjae isnt a religion for earth sake.

so please people, have some sense. it better to told him about how we proud of him n their achievements. hell, even all the 5 know about how big yunjae fandom is, so no need to rubbed it to their face EVERY CHANCE YOU GOT. THEY KNOW!!! so, no need to spamming his tweeter with yunjae thingy and then insulted n bashed his dear friend, IN 4.30 AM IN THE MORNING WHERE HE’S TRYING TO HAVE SOME REST!!!! (and to read that when jae tweeted this, some still dont care, or accused mr egg hacked jae’s twitter and post that tweet and even some fans are angry to jae bcoz he tweeted like that. WTH??? i mean, u all spamming him, attacking his dear friend in 4.30 am where he might be sleeping n then u all mad when he felt upset? GOSH!!! People, Please, use ur common sense!!!)

and about attacking his good friend? how u feel when ur dear friend being attacked? he is an artist who loves his fans, but moreover he also a human. he needs to have friends, dont u people think that by attacking his friend, he must be feel so uncomfortable n maybe guilt to mr egg? to Telisha? Mr Egg and Telisha always shows how much they care for JYJ n they even respect us, fans! they never even said one bad thing about Jae or JYJ, for earth sake!!! and this how this so called fans do to them? are u people so love to see Jae or JYJ alone without friend? if u just keep attacking his friend, dont u think soon or later people will think twice to make friend with them?

during 5TVXQ’s time, i never agree to hardcore fans’ action by attacked female artist who work with TVXQ or if in a show someone playfully or accidently said smthg that fans thought as ‘attacking TVXQ’. i remember when i heard about it for the 1st time (i wasnt their fans that time), i said to the friend who told me about it, that it must be hard for the boys, since they cant work with various artist or celebrities as those people must be afraid to be attacked by their fans.i never really thought i will afraid this will happen to JYJ this time too.

and also, about jae’s dance in his solo? HE IS AN ADULT MAN N HE IS FREE TO DO WHAT HE AS ARTIST N A MAN WANNA DO. we say we want them to be free to do what they want to do, we even fight for it with sme, avex, kbs, mbc, etc, but when he did use his freedom, all of u get mad? and to insult n bash those dancers who dont understand or even know about yunjae? they just do their job, in which the boys know n agree to it. dont u think u just as the same to matsuura? saying u care about the boys, but blocked their freedom?

please guys, have some sense!!!! u said u love Jae? love JYJ? prove it by protecting their dreams, wishes, hopes and needs, not by forcing what you think its right and ok for them. it just sme n avex all the same.

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May 25, 2011 at 3:10 pm

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  1. Well said, I totally agree with you !


    May 26, 2011 at 12:14 am

  2. wow! this is really what i always think..

    sometimes yunjae fans are too much! they need to learn some respect….it’s really embarrassing when people shout yunho’s name in front of jaejoong.i wonder what jaejoong feels…=(


    May 26, 2011 at 3:37 pm

    • yep. as much as i love yunjae, but this is getting too much…


      May 26, 2011 at 3:52 pm

  3. I am a yunjae fan . I know there are Yunjae fans who may do something that may be really extreme but they are not they only fans Jae has ! Those who harass him are his fans , too ! Jaejoong has fans on his own ,too . And I don’t really believe yunjae fans want to upset neither Jaejoong or Yunho . (well about those who shout Yunho at JYJ concert or Jae at TVXQ2 concert i don’t know if I am completely against them ) Anyway my point here is your judgement is not fair . Yunjae fans are those who may shout names at their concerts but they are not the ones who bother or spamming Jaejoong . Again Jaejoong has a LOT of fans who are obsessive with him .


    August 1, 2012 at 9:56 pm

    • actually back then, if you were following the news, it was YunJae fans who tweeted Jae. they sent even a pornographic pics to him. i even remember (dont forget i was a yunjae fan, actually i still occasionaly read yunjae ff, but just treat it as a ff character then real life characters), during that time, many YunJae fans made a hastag to support yunjae n some even said smthg like ‘we need to prove that yunjae is still exist n yunjae is real’ etc etc… i know because like i said, i was a member of YunJae fandom back then. and if you followed, many YunJae fans also tweeted those yunjae hardcore pics even vids to Telisha. YunJae fans also asked about YunJae to their friends.. i remember they even asked Mr Egg n Telisha too… and if you see many fancams to their concerts, there are YunJae banners that even shown a photoshopped of Yunjae kissing n hugging (and even topless while hugging). trust me, i see it myself when i went to Junsu’s concert. it was Junsu concert n some fans brought YunJae pics/posters n banners.
      and as far as i know, Jae’ fans dislike YunJae thingy. i know because i was Jaeharem, or Jae bias before i cant even choose one of them as fave now, since i love all 3. many Jae fans dislike the thought of people thought that he is girly or even gay, trust me, i know.
      if i wasnt a yunjae fan, you may say i was unfair. but my thought was the same with many YunJae fanfic authors in LJ. i befriended many of Yunjae FF famous authors in LJ. and many of them also sick of YunJae hardcore attitude. many even left YunJae fandom. once again, i know because i was quite active as YunJae fan before.
      and if shouting or bringing those kind of banners or posters werent a problem for them, why do you think that Cjes n their concert staffs have to make an announcement n asked fans to did not bring any posters or banner that didnt relevant to JYJ members (like in Peru, and as far as i know also for Jae’s FM in ShangHai).

      you have your opinion, i have my opinion. i didnt say this while i wasnt even understand the whole thing about YJ. like i said, this is my stand for YunJae fans’ selfish attitude, and i said it as fan who was involved in YJ fandom.


      August 2, 2012 at 1:08 pm

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