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Happy Birthday, Park YuChun!!!

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Happy bday Park YuChun!!!

I wish u all the best an may u have all the successes for all ur activities, personally and as a member of JYJ. I wish u all the smiles, laughs  and happiness, as u always bring smiles, laughs n happiness for us. I wish u health and strength for the coming activities, wisdom for all ur troubles, burdens n problem. i wish u the most beautiful love ever existed in this world, for u always make us love u more n more each day,  and u make us feel ur love. But most of all, i wish all the best blessing in the world, coz we will never stop being thankfull enough to God to let one of his amazing creation to make our days filled with blessings each day . Please be happy, for urself, ur family and us fans, who love to see u happy =)

Park YuChun, u never a failure or a weakness for us, for u always make us proud. Happy bday, Yoochun!!!! We love u!!! thx u for keeping strong =)



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June 4, 2011 at 5:52 am

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