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Two new singer tried to cover wasurenaide without credited Jaejoong and claimed as they are sing it, the song belong to them

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i dont know if you people have read this :

Jaejoong’s “Wasurenaide” Taken by Avex Artist “Roy” Whose Single Releases Tomorrow

Posted on July 16, 2011 by jyj3

The below is a clip of a Chinese singer named “Roy” who is signed with Avex singing Jaejoong’s self-composed song Wasurenaide.


He is releasing his first album tomorrow (7/18), under Avex, with Wasurenaide as his first song of the two-song single.

The description on the website, a popular music download site, does not credit or acknowledge Jaejoong. It merely states that the R&B music matches Roy’s vocal and that he expressed the song well.

Below is presumed to be one of the album covers and you can see that it has the Avex logo (note : the 2nd logo from the top left)


This is sickening. We have no words. Suffice to say that Avex and its supporters have sunk to a low that could not even be contemplated. We cannot begin to imagine how Jaejoong feels and this breaks our hearts.

Credits: Ceskjj2; Weibo; Xavi; Sukissmin

Shared by: JYJ3

And then the singer, Roy, after being protested by fans release a statement in which he indirectly admitted thay took the song without Jae’s consent and defend avex saying avex didnt involved in this matter (and i was like EH???), in which so hard to believe as the album cover have Avex logo as he is avex-affiliated artist, in which avex as THSK company hold the copyright of the song, which means Roy n his partner must get the song from Avex, or ask Avex if they could sing the song in their album. REMEMBER, THIS ALBUM SUPPOSED TO RELEASE TOMMOROW. AND HE SAID AVEX DOENST EVEN INVOLVED IN WASURENAIDE INCLUDED AS FIRST SONG IN THE SINGLE (which only contained 2 songs including Wasurenaide by the way) THAT GOING TO RELEASE TOMORROW? YEAH, RIGHT (*roll eyes*).

Here’s his statement :

Statement from the Avex-Affiliated Artist “Roy” Who Took “Wasurenaide”

Posted on July 17, 2011 by jyj3


Today it was revealed that a Chinese artist with the alias of “Roy” had been set to release a single with Jaejoong’s self-composed song Wasurenaide. His album cover from his own Weibo indicated that he was Avex-affiliated. He also obtained clean instrumentals for Wasurenaide onto which he could overlap his voice. This single was set to release tomorrow.

Roy wrote in his weibo the following:

Regarding the song , I would like everyone to calm down. I understand your feelings. I’ll make an official statement shortly and the song will be temporarily cast aside. This matter has nothing to do with any media company. Do not implicate them! I apologize for the inconvenience caused. Sorry! Please understand!

And then, he wrote the following statement:


Hi everyone, I am 左其铂. Please give me some time to clarify this incident.
Because the song has been prematurely leaked online, many TVXQ’s fans have expressed unhappiness over (my) remake of Korean singer, composer and songwriter Kim jaejoong’s Japanese song .
I hereby make an apology.
I am also aware that this song bears too much stories and memories for you, and I believe I will join your united and warm big family, because like yourselves, I like kim jaejoong. I like his talent and vocals. Kim jaejoong is also my idol and role model.
Therefore, we will cautiously handle all problems relating to , we will try to reach an agreement with Kim Jaejoong himself.
Cassiopeia, be rest assured. From now on, the song will be cast aside, it will not be released nor performed prior to an agreement being made.

Also, as a disclaimer:

Composed by: Kim Jaejoong
Lyrics (Chinese) : 左其铂/魏苏
OT: 忘れないで

I did not expect this to happen, and failed to consider the feelings of TVXQ’s fans.
I hereby apologize and hope to be forgiven!!!
In addition, this has nothing to do with 天娱 media, AVEX, S.M. Entertainment.
There are no relations at all, it’s not what it’s rumoured to be, that avex sold jaejoong’s song.
Hope everyone understands. Do not wrongly accuse the companies who are not involved. If anything, you can blame me. Because it is I who chose to sing the song, so I should be the one held responsible.
We will respect the rights of the composer.
I am very sorry for the inconvenience caused! I lacked consideration! Sorry!
Thank you! Hope everyone can give me a chance! Do not pursue this matter any further!


notes : Roy confirms one thing long-suspected. Roy and Avex failed to obtain the consent of Jaejoong before using Wasurenaide. The single was to release tomorrow. If the fans had not intervened, the song without Jaejoong’s consent would have been officially on the market for monetary gain.

Second, we doubt that we are not the only ones sickened by his placation and appeal to emotions of “fans” as a fellow fan. But his personal good feelings towards Kim Jaejoong, even if genuine, does not excuse him and has nothing to do with why one should be exonerated. Further, the fans are not the ones he should be apologizing to. It is Jaejoong.

Third, this Avex-affiliated artist, whose album cover clearly states that he is Avex-affiliated and who must have received clean instrumentals of the song from Avex, claims that Avex is uninvolved. This defies logic and is difficult to accept.

Fourth, Roy admonishes– “do not pursue this matter any further!” He should realize that what he was about to do is not something that can simply be swept under the carpet.

We are relieved that Jaejoong’s own Wasurenaide will escape clear rights violations, but one thing is clear– a holey statement such as this achieves little.

Source左其铂’s weibo
Translation credit: @white_faith
Shared by: JYJ3

he wrote the statement was coz the song “has been prematurely leaked online” so, it means if it wasnt leaked, he n his partner, Lee Si Wei STILL GONNA RELEASE THEIR SINGLE ALBUM WITHOUT PROPER CREDITTED JAEJOONG AND ASK HIS PERMISSION AS THE WRITER AND COMPOSER OF WASUREANIDE. AND REMEMBER HE JUST ‘TEMPORARILY CAST ASIDE” THE SONG, in which in the end, they still gonna released the song. at first i was mad, but i tried to think positively that, well they are new artist, and maybe it was their company chose the song and told them to sang it. and about the statemnt, it seems like it could be his company told him to wrote that, as i dont believe he will be that foolish to said Avex didnt involved in this matter… yeah really… coz Avex dont monitor their artist who gonna release a single that they dont know that their new artists have recorded a song without their permission n never told them to ask permission from the righful creator of the song (*roll eyes*).

BUT! after i tried to calmed myself, his partner release this statement:

Female Singer Co-Releasing with Roy’s Single Writes About Jaejoong and Wasurenaide

Posted on July 17, 2011 by jyj3

Lee Si We is the female singer who is co-releasing with Roy’s single.


I hope there will not be a scandal.
We’ll wait for 7.18 (T/N: The official date of Roy and her single’s release).
Because you need to know, it’s very difficult to make music! Very difficult! The definition of “original work” is not just self-composed, self-written! Even if the song was not written by us, we cherish it too, every word every line, even the album! What we sang belongs to us, what we’re trying to express is also ourselves! Hope everyone can think positively, isn’t that better?”

T/N: Yes, it is difficult to make music. That is why we respect the creator and give him due credit, compensation, and recognition. To “think positively” does little to rectify wrongs, such as taking Wasurenaide without consent from Jaejoong. The values the writing espouses are beyond our comprehension.

Source: Lee Si Wei’s weibo
Translation credit: @white_faith
Shared by: JYJ3

what made me furious is her words : “The definition of “original work” is not just self-composed, self-written! Even if the song was not written by us, we cherish it too, every word every line, even the album! What we sang belongs to us”
she said that “the definition of original work is not just self-composed, self written”? is this girl dunk? if the definition of original work not bcoz of self composed n self written, so what her definiton of ‘original work’? and she said she knows how hard it is to MAKE music, but yet she said that it what they sang belong to them. singing is not creating, singing is to make the written n composed song come to alive. just as the same like just because you eating MC Donalds n told people about it, doesnt mean MC Donalds then belongs to you, doesnt mean that by eating n told people about it, you can claimed that it was yours. so if they sang MJ’s song, than the song now theirs? really, if for her,  the definition of original work not bcoz of self composed n self written, than i dont think any of song writer will give them their creation, as they wont be the creator ‘original work’, cos for her, every song she sang, it belongs to her, not the creator… gosh, they sang a song made by people without asking permission and than claimed ‘what we sang belongs to us’? there’s a word for that, lady, it called STEALING. in which i believe in entertainment world it worst that plagiarism.

and i dont think after this matter, i would felt ok if they still gonna release Wasurenaide. they didnt show respect to Jaejoong as the creator of the song. and Roy said it was his fault as he aware  how much Wasurenaide means for TVXQ fans, and yet, he and his partner still gonna release the song without proper creditted Jaejoong. moreover, Roy and Lee Si Wei just shown how little respect they have for in this matter, by Roy saying this issue as ‘incident’ songwriter right violation is a big problem. it contained legal rights, not something you could easily just called it as ‘this incident’. and Lee Si Wei just shown how little respect she has for Jaejoong as the creator of Wasurenaide, as she said that what they sang belongs to them. and how so easy she ask people to “think positively”. it isnt about think positive or not. you took someone belonging, without asking he/she permission, i believe, this called ‘stealing’. and i believe no one, everywhere, in any circumstances, moreover in music industry will just gonna ‘think positively’ about someone stealing other’s people work.

moreover Roy said Avex nor SME  involved in this. so, who gave them permission to use the song and release it in their albums? coz from his statement, it seems they dont even have permission from both the creator, nor the company who take hold of the copyright.

Written by one_nee

July 17, 2011 at 10:19 am

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