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I’m Crazy over JYJ In Heaven and Get Out MV!!!

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i really really really love how beautiful their voices blended n harmonize together. Its breathtaking…Moreover that this song was made by Jae for Park Yong Ha¬† just added more feeling for the song. Winter Sonata made me fallen for all about South Korea and made me fallen for Kpop. I love Park Yong Ha, and i cried too when he passed away in such a way. and i have felt regret n self-blame too when one of my childfriend passed away. so i understand what Jae’s feeling through all of this…

but, beside all of that, Junsu just so HOT in here and JiHyo looks so gorgeus!! and of course i love the fact that it was Jae n Chun who think that since they are already filming dramas, then its Junsu’s time to be on TV =)



and i love Get Out too!!! feels like it’s been too long i see their dance in a music video… and Get Out just so cool!!! i love Junsu smirk at the end of the video. And, jae, please eat more. Usually it was you who wore sleveless shirt, but now, you are too skinny… even Junsu and Chun have some muscle now (*bite Su n Chun’s biceps). And seeing they dance, i really can see how Junsu is really a smooth dancer, his dance seems like just… part of him, just so natural just like walking or moving. And Chun, even just walking he looks so suave.. And Jae, he is just gorgeus, what else can i say =)
and i love the meaning of the song, ‘u cheat on me? well, then just Goodbye. i dont need u, and i dont need a d*mn explain!’
enjoy the MV with the subs =)




credit :
In Heaven – lovena33 in youtube
Get Out – singSONGirl in youtube


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September 23, 2011 at 4:23 am

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